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Delivery Options

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How to print tickets when you buy online:

  1. Open your confirmation email and click View My Tickets, or go straight to My Account and then Orders and click the event.
  2. Click the View & Print Tickets button and print away!

If you buy tickets by phone they won’t appear in My Account, but printing is just as easy. After your purchase confirmation email you’ll get a second email with your tickets attached – just open the attachment to print your tickets (black & white works).

All done – have fun!

To use Print-at-Home for events in the US you must have a US billing address. If the event is in Canada you must have either a US or Canadian billing address


Is Print-at-Home different from TicketFast?

Nope, it’s the same thing – just a new name. It’s now part of our new eTickets family of convenient options (including Mobile and Credit Card Entry), and just like those names we figure “Print-at-Home” speaks for itself!

Can I print my tickets immediately after purchase?

Yes, in most cases. In rare cases when you see a “print delay” it’s usually because we’re selling tons of tickets and we need to make sure bots aren’t buying them up, shutting out true fans like you!

What do Print-at-Home tickets look like?

Like your 8 ½ x 11 passport to fun.


Get your tickets in 10-14 days.

3) Pick up at venue – free.

*Delivery options vary by event; you’ll see them during checkout.

Note: Stay on top of delivery updates or delays – look up your event and click Event Info.